Common Eyes

Common Eyes

Price: €2.00
Common Eyes

Common Eyes

Price: €1.50
Common Eyes

Common Eyes

Price: €2.50
Ducks Dark Brown Eyes

Ducks Dark Brown Eyes

Price: €2.00




              We will be giving a pair of eyes (value of €3) on orders exceeding €23 to compensate for postage expenses. You choosing the €3 pair of eyes is much appreciated




Welcome to, dedicated to the final touch of the taxidermist: THE EYES!

Taxidermy originating from the two ancient Greek words; taxis, for ‘movement’ and derma, for ‘skin’ is the fine art of reproducing  life-like animals for permanent display.
This site is dedicated to a specific branch of taxidermy providing the final and most important detail – the eyes; and more particularly bird eyes.

Birds are those gracious creatures that see the beauty of the world from high above and keep its secrets with noble pride.


Eyeconic Store - Maunted Birds Eyes

The eyes are that small but most important detail that completes the mounted birds to give their life-like shape. The quality of the eyes used in taxidermy could bring life to the birds or turn them into statues.
We emphasize on the details and we are dedicated in assisting you complete your masterpiece and turn it into a fine piece or art.

There is an old saying that eyes are the mirror of the soul.
Our custom made acrylic eyes give life to your birds.

Eyeconic Store will be selling:

Eyes for mounted birds ,Custom made eyes for mounted birds
Birds eyes, Acrylic eyes
Birds eyes on order

Give life to your mounted bird!


Roger Degiorgio   Email: Tel: +356 2141 2907 Mob: +356 7941 2907


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Birds Eyes Guides

Eyeconic store specialy for you prepared the list of the European and American birds and their respective eye colors.You have scientific and english version on the links below.

We work hard to make our customers more satisfied, please email us with suggestions and comments.

American Birds - English

American Birds - Scientific

European Birds - English

European Birds - Scientific

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Adelie Penguin

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