About Us

Why have I chosen this area of expertise?

I have spent over 35 years in taxidermy and travelling around the world on many such occasions. Fascinated by the birds and their grace I narrowed my area of taxidermy specialisation.
What I found most difficult through my job over the years was finding the right materials and more specifically the eyes. They never seemed to be right, either the materials used or the way the eyes were handled, there was always something missing.

Most birds have been mounted with the same glass eye designs that have been around for years. This gave the mounted birds a doll-like presence rather that of reality. The lack of realism and accuracy in (at that time) available eyes out on the market helped me decide that I needed to handle it myself.

I had a need of natural looking iris, soft pupil, real size and real colour, so I spent the last 15 years of my life professing in this art.

Roger De Giorgio

What do we offer? 

  •  Custom hand painted, live- looking acrylic bird eyes
  •  Personal dedication to detail and real colour of each item
  • High class quality of the products
  • Immediate and accurate request handling
  • International delivery options
  • Abundance of items on stock
  • Special models upon request (providing the physical time for the handwork)

The Management