Frequently Asked Questions

Eyeconic Store – Acrylic Eyes

What is is the answer to a fast delivery of the finest eyes on the market. Once a professional taxidermist uses Eyeconic eyes he will never look back, only forward.

Why should I buy from

Apart from the best prices and one of the best products in the market you will get a result from your mounted bird that of never before. Our passion and dedication will assist you professionalism in taxidermy.

What are the materials used during the manufacturing of the bird eyes?

The acrylic used is the same materiel used for the making of airplane windows and windshield and carries a lifetime guarantee.
Cellulose paints are used for the coloring of the eye which once sprayed on welds itself to the eye and does not come off when in contact with clay.
Eyeconics eyes do not break or scratch when dropped.

Maintenance of acrylic bird eyes?

One must not use thinners/acetone directly on the eye while spraying or painting; a coat of kitchen liquid soap must be applied on the eye, and after the painting has been done. Clean the eye with an earbud and water for an everlasting shine.

Are the bird eyes really custom made?

Yes, most of the eyes are custom made for the individual specie and differ greatly from one specie to another, whether with color, size of pupil and the size of the actual eye.

What are the sizes available?

3 mm,/ 3.5 mm,/,/ 4.5 mm,/ 5 mm,/ 5.5 mm,/ 6 mm,/ 7 mm,/ 8 mm,/ 9 mm,/ 10 mm,/  11 mm,/ 12 mm,/ 13 mm,/ 14 mm,/ 15 mm,/ 16 mm,/ 18 mm,/ 22 mm,/ and 25 mm,/ Our future plans include the offer of more sizes.

What are the colors available?

The colors available are unlimited with hundreds of shades according to the bird’s eye.
Unfortunately, the color of the iris of each bird differs from one to another. Even of the same species and it is impossible, to get the perfect color for all.
For example in nature, two male Goldeneye will differ with age and if one is in breeding and the other not.

How long would the delivery take after placing the order for the item?

Items ordered that are in stock will be in the post within 24 hours, special orders will take a day longer. Excluding weekends public holidays