Common Eyes

Common Eyes

Price: €2.00
Common Eyes

Common Eyes

Price: €1.50
Common Eyes

Common Eyes

Price: €2.50
Ducks Dark Brown Eyes

Ducks Dark Brown Eyes

Price: €2.00


Mounted Mammal Eyes

Acrylic mammal eyes.


Small Mammal Eyes With Round Pupil (2)

Small Mammal Eyes With Round Pupil

Small Mammal Eyes With Oval Blue Pupil (2)

Small Mammal Eyes With Oval Blue Pupil

Bear Eye (2)

This is a Bear eye

Lynx (3)

Lynx,an 18mm eye,with a slit pupil and a black rim with a white background

Bobcat (3)

Bobcat,Felis rufus

Wild Boar (1)

Wild Boar,Sus scrofa

Coyote (7)

Coyote,Canis latrans

European Genet (1)

European Genet Light Brown Eye

Roe Deer (1)

Roe Deer,Acrylic Mammal Eye,22mm,Dark Brown

Hare (1)

Hare Acrylic Eyes,Mammal Eye,16mm  & 18mm

Cotton Eared Marmoset (1)

Cotton Eared Marmoset Acrylic Eyes a 9mm,Orange Brown Eye Medium Pupil and a White Rim

Cat Eye (1)

Cat Eye,Felis silvestris

Fox Cub (1)

Fox Cub Eye

Snow Hare (1)

Snow Hare Eye

Chamois (2)

Chamois Eye,Rupicapra rupicapra

Wolverine (1)

Wolverine Eye,Gulo gulo

Mouflon (1)

Mouflon Eye,Ovis Ammon

Indian Rhino (1)

Indian Rhino,Rhinoceros unicornis

Wolf (5)

Wolf,Canis Lupus

Chimpanzee (1)

Chimpanzee,Simia troglodytes

Orangutan (1)

Orangutan,Pongo pygmaeus

Gorilla (1)

Gorilla,Gorilla gorilla,Troglodytes gorilla

Mongoose (2)

Mongoose,Acrylic Eye,Mammal Eye,Herpestes ichneumon

Wild Rabbit (1)

Wild Rabbit,Oryctolagus cuniculus

Slow Loris (1)

Slow Loris Eye,Acrylic Eye,Mammal Eyes,Nycticebus coucang

Arctic Fox (1)

Arctic Fox,Vulpes lagopus,15mm orange eye with a slit pupil,black limbus and a white sclera

Domestic Goat (0)

Domestic Goat,Acrylic Eye,Capra aegagrus hircus

Fallow Deer (1)

Fallow Deer,Mammal Eyes,Acrylic Eyes,Cervus dama

Ocelot (1)

Ocelot,Acrylic Eyes,Lepardus pardalis

Cheetah (2)

Cheetah,Acinonyx jubatus

Puma (2)

Puma,Acrylic Eye,Puma concolor

Leopard (2)

Leopard,Acrylic Eye,Panthera pardus,Mammal Eye

Lion (2)

Lion,Panthera leo,Panthera leo krugeri

Deer (2)


Koala (1)

Koala,Phascolarctos cinereus

Squirrel (1)

Squirrel Eye,Scirrus vulgaris

Kangaroo (1)

Kangaroo,Macropus antilopinus,Macropuse antilopine

Tiger (2)

Tiger,Panthera tigris

Civet (2)

Civet,African Civet,Brown Palm Civet,Civettictis civetta,Paradoxurus jerdoni,Acrylic Eye

Monkey (1)

Vervet Monkey,Mammal Eye,Monkey Eye,Chlorocebus pygerythrus

Raccoon Dog (0)

Raccoon Dog,Nyctereutes procyonoides

Coypu (1)

Coypu,Myocastor coypus,Mammal Eye

Raccoon Dog (1)

Raccoon Dog,Nyctereutes procyonoides

Lemurs (3)

Lemur,Grey Headed Lemur,Eulemure cinereiceps,Ring Tailed Lemur,Lemur catta,Red Ruffed Lemur,Varecia rubra

Antelope/Deer/Bull (1)

Antelope/Deer/Bull,Antholopus,Cervidae/Bos taurus

Jaguar (3)

Jaguar,Pantra onca,Mammal Eye

Caracal (1)

Caracal,Mammal Eye

Buffalo (1)

Buffalo,African Cape Buffalo,Syncerus caffer

Quoll (1)

Quoll,Mammal,Dasyurus viverrinus

Jackal (1)

Golden Jackal.Jackal,Canis Aureus

Tarsier (1)

Tarsier,Carlito syrichta

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Domestic Goat

Domestic Goat,Capra aegagrus hircus

Price: €6.00
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